Industrial Style


“Industrial style” was born in New York loft apartments sculpted from old warehouses in the ‘70s.

With the price of traditional housing booming, many sought cheaper living in disused industry buildings. The new inhabitants – many of whom were lowly paid creatives – set about making the buildings their own.

These raw, unspoiled spaces were excitingly different from the glossy, vapid apartments of the time. The old factories and warehouses retained good bones from the nineteenth century. Instead of stripping out the original features, these were used to their advantage. The brick walls, concrete floors and heavy steel windows remained. Blazing white and vibrant colours were introduced.  And so, industrial style was born.

Key components of the industrial look are unconventional, unpretentious – yet functional – pieces. Primary materials are metal, wood and concrete.

The perfect industrial space is minimalist, yet bold. Every item serves a purpose and is unashamedly on display.

We’ve hunted out some of our favourite interior pieces to help you master industrial chic with ease.


Industrial Leather Bar Stool – from: Rockett St George


Plain Skirt Edison Screw Pendant set – from: Nook London


Vintage desk & chair – from: SCP


Vintage Metal Trolley – from: Cox & Cox.

Mixed 8

Mixed bulbs and pendant sets – from: Nook London


Architects’ Print Storage Chest – from: Rockett St George