Nostalgia Lights Globe Squirrel Cage.

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– B22 bayonet fitting Only. Edison Screw Version is now SOLD OUT

– 40w

– CE certified

– 220-240V

– Lumen: 160

– Colour Render: 2700k

– 3000 hours life expectancy

– Dimensions: 135 x 95mm

– Packaged in 100% recycled packaging

-Special Purpose Lamp intended for use as secondary lighting

With its familiar “push and twist” action, “bayonet cap” (also known as BC or B22d) is a common fitting for UK light bulbs. It is 22mm diameter and with two locating lugs

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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new legislation these bulbs can no longer be produced or imported into the EU, meaning once this stock is gone its gone. Don’t panic, you can still purchase the decorative LED bulb versions here.

These beautiful hand mounted decorative filament light bulbs are the perfect Special Purpose Lamp for achieving a beautiful secondary ambient light.

Our Nostalgia lights range has a 3000hrs life expectancy, which increases even further when used with a dimmer switch. Our new range also includes the beautiful Super Globe bulb at 125mm wide, the same beautiful filament encased within a stunning 125mm glass outer.

The beautiful decorative filament emits a warm glow of light, which can be used with a dimmer switch to create a simplistic, but unparalleled design feature.

Although the design of these lights has not changed since we when we first began retailing them, these lamps are no longer intended for household room illumination, but instead are intended to be used for decorative secondary lighting.

Perfect for use with our pendant sets.