Nostalgia Lights Enamel Pendant Shade SET. Black


Enamel Lamp Shade Sets:

Includes: A choice of Our Black Enamel lamp shades pre-wired to Our Antique Lamp holder with 2 metres fabric cable. Please specify in notes the colour cable that you wish to recieve. Pictured with Canary Yellow Twisted cable.

Please see description below for full details of our  Sets.

Lamp shade specifications:

Aperture: 40mm

Material: Enamel surface Finish: White enamel interior, with black rim. Black outer finish

Holder: Antique Edison Screw lamp holder. Fabric Braided cable.

Pendant set Specifications:

Includes: 2m of 3 core fabric cable, E27 Edison Screw lamp holder, Black steel ceiling rose.

Lamp holder comes with thread and shade ring, so can be teamed with certain lamp shades with a 40mm aperture

Guideline Max Voltage: 240v

Guideline Max Watt: 100w



We have an exciting selection of Enamel Lamp Shade Sets available; these sets are a great way to achieve the complete rugged factory look. Each set includes one of our fabulous lamp shades with a 40mm aperture to fit an Edison screw lamp holder (E27), pre-wired to 3m of our fabulous fabric cable.

At a fabulous discounted price, these sets will make life a lot easier for all.

We’re more than happy to let you choose the cable colour with any of our available colours here. Please specify in the ‘Notes’ section on the checkout page.

If you’re finding yourself a little bit confused please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll try and clear up any questions you might have

Shade Style

Classic, European, Angled Cloche, Miniature Bell, Small Dome, Miniature Angled Cloche

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